Interested in Pulling Your Leg?

digger_davoAdequate navigational skills and experience is highly recommended as the track was designed by bush walkers for bush walkers.   At the higher altitudes, the weather is colder, wetter and much less predictable than that at the lower altitudes.  On the higher mountains, thunderstorms are also common in summer.  However, during spring and even summer, a significant section of the track can be covered with snow.  It is a constant reminder that we are not superior to Nature.

It is crucial to plan and be familiar with symptoms and treatments of dangerous conditions (cold/heat stress and dehydration)

If you would like to join us, please observe the guidelines provided on Humourversity official website.

Please fill in the expression of interest form or  contact us directly on 1300 HA HO HEE or if you would like to join our AH-HA walk or for any good-humoured enquires.

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